Empowering entrepreneurs to scale faster

The fastest scale-up and entrepreneurship MBA of the world – even for serial entrepreneurs and experienced executives.

Iskender Dirik’s       SuperScale Masterclass is a hands-on guide to scaling your company, delivered via an innovative workshop format.

You’ll get a transformational lecture fully packed with:

Best practices from Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, First Round Capital, Y Combinator, Harvard Business Review and more.

Iskender Dirik’s most important learnings from almost 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive and VC.

The SuperScale Masterclass provides a 360 degree view on all things crucial to scaling your company:

People Management
Sales Deck
Product Management
Decision Making

/ Startup

Founders & top/middle management executives

/ Corporates

Executives who want to adapt scaling and company management best-practices from Silicon Valley and the startup world.

Every masterclass attendant gets access to a highly valuable link list with curated, top-notch articles in the above listed areas:

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Simply transformational. Even for a serial entrepreneur and VC.

Michael Breidenbrücker
Co-Founder Senseforce, formerly Partner at Speedinvest and Founder last.fm

A firework of hands-on best-practices to scale your company. Don’t miss this, no matter how experienced you are.

Ricardo Margalho
CEO/Co-Founder Stratio Automotive

This was pure gold. So many eye-opening insights. Harvard Business School like experience.

Federico Stefanato
Co-Founder/CEO Waterdata

Amazing! I’ve never attended a workshop with so many relevant takeaways. Will start implementing next week.

Christian Piechnick
CEO/Co-Founder Wandelbots

Iskender Dirik

VC, Entrepreneur, Executive

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